Living As A Cancer Survivor - Savor The Day


It doesn’t matter when in life you receive the diagnosis of cancer. What was once a struggle getting up in the morning to go to either school or work, now has become real struggle.

When I was diagnosed, I was just like any other junior in high school. I had no idea the natural gifts and talents God blessed me with. I took so many things for granted.

This is my resounding suggestion to those who are supporting a current cancer patient, a sibling of one or even a parent of one. Never, ever take another healthy day for granted.

When treatment ends, the happiness you feel from not having to be held hostage by doctor visits and blood tests is enough to make you do cartwheels. However, your body will most likely never be the same again.

I encourage whomever is suffering through treatment now or if you have survived your treatment, take today to give special notice and thanks to the people around you that you are thankful for. Share your feelings of appreciation towards someone you love.

My Scars Tell a Story
By Mark Everett Kelly

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow so PLEASE do whatever you can to make this day the best July 18, 2019 that you can ever have. You will never get another chance to live this day over.

God Bless

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