Episode 83 - Surviving with Cancer: How Our Pets Help Support Us

Join us for a special edition of "HIT THE MARK!" as we present our first podcast on dealing with Cancer and living as a survivor. One of the best ways to deal with this disease is having support around you, and for many people that means having a companion animal. Joining me is Bapcha Murthy, who is an Admin and one of the original founders of the "Cancer Survivor & Supporters" page on Facebook, who shares with us how his cats have helped him in his sickness. Also joining us is Marti Colwell. Marti runs the "BichonFurKids" foundation, which helps find homes for Bichons who have been rescued. Marti & I talk about the amazing breed the Bichon is and how they make the perfect companion dog. For more info on Marti and her foundation, please visit www.BichonFurKids.Org.