Living As A Cancer Survivor - Chemotherapy

It\s been almost 28 years since I had my last round of chemotherapy pumped into my veins (July 15, 1991). That day was my bone marrow transplant.

How do you describe having liquid poison running through your body? LIQUID POISON. There is no nice way that chemotherapy kills just the cancer cells in your body. Poison kills ALL your cells. It makes you nauseous, weak, frigid, brittle, very very irritable and takes your hair.

I remember before chemo when I used to fuss about getting up and having to go to school. Now I had to get up to go to chemo. I never complained about getting up for anything since.

I can’t begin to tell you the horror stories of what chemo was like. The vomiting, the sweats, the moans, the pain, the feeling of getting run over by a truck. The scars can take a long time to heal. Its been 28 years for me and I still cringe at that word.

I sincerely hope that with the breakthroughs they are making that chemotherapy will soon no longer be a viable method for treating cancer. You can’t fix the damage poison does.I live with it everyday.

Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to write today and help me be a sense of hope for those living as a survivor.

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