Living As A Cancer Survivor - Depression

My Scars Tell a Story
By Mark Everett Kelly

One of the many side effects you might experience after cancer treatment is depression. Every patient responds differently to treatment, which can vary from types of chemo, lengths of radiation and social situations.

For instance, those who are married might feel they no longer can meet the emotional and physical needs of their partner. Children might feel that their friends and parents don’t treat them the same way. Young adults might notice their co-workers complaints and comments can cause them to have less patience in discussions.

All of these things can lead to thoughts and experiences that differ from what you were used to before treatment. Obviously if treatment is long enough (more than a year), these changes will become more obvious the longer your protocol is.



It is vital that therapy be a consistent part of either your current treatment or post treatment time period. Many patients don’t recognize the mental and psychological changes that occur as a result of treatment. In my life, I still suffer major psychological damage that cripples me on some days.


I wouldn’t say I suffer from consistent depression, cause on most occasions my outlook on life is positive (I’m sure others would say different and perhaps I am in denial!). My depression tends to be situational. It is often brought on by arguments with those close to me, feeling intense pressure to be perfect in romantic relationships and being threatened with changes.

Financial uncertainty is another major cause of worry and depression for me. I will highlight more of these issues in my next blog.

Always remember that no matter how hopeless a situation looks (personal, financial or work related), it is somewhat within your control and things can be done to help. Remember that you have survived something that was a major battle. No matter how awful, sad or hopeless you feel about any of the previously mentioned areas, you are a survivor and that in itself is proof of your character to not give up and your desire to fight. These are all things that you can take with you into your post treatment life.

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