Living As A Cancer Survivor - Expectations

My Scars Tell a Story
By Mark Everett Kelly

Upon being diagnosed, the disruption cancer causes will affect every aspect of your life. When I was diagnosed, I had the same questions that anyone would have about a known disease that I’m now facing.

I definitely anticipated that this fantastic athlete would not be susceptible to the normal side effects that most cancer patients deal with. I was very confident that I would be one of the few patients who would not experience any hair loss, vomiting or any other of the horrible experiences most cancer patients go through.

I definitely appreciate now that I had no idea what I was in for. If I knew, there is no way I would have had the courage to face it everyday.

Almost every circumstance I encountered during treatment, I experienced the worst case scenario. If there were side effects to experience, I experienced them and it was the worst case of what could happen.

When you start treatment, understand that you CAN anticipate the unexpected. How? Don’t have any expectations. Take each situation and treatment one day at a time.

To read more about the specifics of what I experienced, please read “My Scars Tell A Story”. If you need any help, prayer or someone to listen, please reach out to me or the many groups that help cancer patients.

For those who are recently diagnosed and are looking for guidance, please visit Cancer University .