Living As A Cancer Survivor - Forgiveness

In my last blog entry, I featured a post from a warrior that lost her battle with cancer at 27. Life is short. So much in life gets taken for granted as she specified to help those of us living to understand to value the time we have. 

In celebration of Holly Butcher's plea to us about appreciating life and how valuable time here is, I decided to highlight a few things that will help. 

(Warning: I struggle with these suggestions myself, so I am also helping by speaking directly to myself as I encourage you!)

One thing we all struggle with is forgiveness. I have made some brutal mistakes that have devastated others and been incredibly selfish. I have been the poster boy for thinking only of myself. When I felt convicted and made aware of my behavior, I experienced long seasons of remorse and self-loathing.

While it is healthy to feel regret for your actions, torturing yourself does not necessarily help. I've learned that the best thing you can do is admit your mistake, ask forgiveness, and learn from your behavior. That does not mean I always partake in what I just expressed, but I'm trying.

All of us are capable of giving love and forgiveness to others. I encourage all of you to not hold onto regret and resentment. It will not benefit you in the long run.  

The pain, anger, and frustration a cancer survivor can feel from the physical and mental side effects of treatment can make you feel that hatred. It can eat you alive when you allow it. I admit that I'm not at that point yet. The more I succeed in my efforts to support myself despite the difficulties I deal with every day, the more that will secede. 


While you are still here, you can make yourself better. Time is precious; try not to waste it. At the same time, be extremely careful about the words you choose. Forgive everyone you have a gripe with, for your own sake. The power of forgiving - really forgiving - not saying you do and then proceeding to rip them apart any time you feel justified to take back your forgiveness - WILL set you free. 

It will also start to heal the wounds of the person who is asking your forgiveness. I promise you if someone asks for your forgiveness, they are asking because they are reaching out for help.

As I was writing this, I wanted to give statistics about how releasing the resentment, anger, and bitterness that can destroy. I came upon this article. Please read it.

Lastly, take a minute to release that pain, resentment, and anger that is playing a large part in taking away the joy that Holly Butcher was speaking of in her letter. Listen also to the words of Herman Boone, played by Denzel Washington in "Remember the Titans"

My prayers and thoughts are with you all. 


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