Living As A Cancer Survivor - Forgiveness

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One thing we all struggle with is forgiveness. I have made some brutal mistakes that have devastated others and been incredibly selfish. I have been the poster boy for thinking only of myself. When I felt convicted and made aware of my behavior, I experienced long seasons of remorse and self-loathing.

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Another Perspective Part 3 - Fear

The following excerpt is the third thing that Rachael Yahne’s mentions in her article “5 Things that they never tell you about life after cancer

There will be a new sense of fear in every part of your life

It just doesn't look the same once you know how fragile your life is. That fear, of the past and of it coming back, can haunt you for the rest of your life after cancer. But what I like to tell others in my public speeches and online articles (even the ones not about cancer) is that even though there will always be fear, you don't have to let that fear decide what you do and how you feel. You don't have to let that fear run your life or even ruin your mood. You can feel it, acknowledge it, and still choose to love and to be joyous and even to take risks in your life after cancer (whether you've experienced it or someone you love). You don't have to be ruled by it; you just have to choose to live from and for something greater than that fear.

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